My porch becomes a summer workspace


Our house has an extra-large front porch, and this has been a blessing during the summer.

My wife and I have practically lived out there, catching up our reading, chatting with friends, and splitting a beer every so often at dusk (we can’t hold our liquor so a half-brewski each is plenty). We’ve set up big, comfy chairs, and I will sometimes take a nice nap on one of those.

I have also wanted to work on the porch, but creating the right kind of workstation proved to be a challenge. Comfort and minimalism are key, so I had to pick out the pieces carefully.

This week, I finally pulled everything together.

The green folding table in the photos is an office castoff (thank you, departing colleague John Brewer) with near-perfect proportions. The typing height isn’t ideal, but it’ll do.

To protect the porch’s wooden floor, painted professionally by my wife, I spread out an extra-long welcome mat I found at Target.

The chair is also from Target, I think, and it’s much more comfortable than it looks. Its lower-back support is very good.

My porch is in the front of the house, and the nearest outlet is in back, so I snaked an extra-long extension cord around the side of the residence so I am able to plug in my laptop and mobile-device power adapters.

I’ve tried my porch workstation with a host of computers, such as a Chromebook, a Microsoft Surface tablet, a MacBook Air laptop and an iPad Air with a Belkin add-on keyboard (shown), and I’m pretty happy with it.

I aim to get a ton of work done while enjoying my wife’s extensive gardens, the visiting hummingbirds and bumblebees, and the fine weather.

And it’s a good thing I set up the outdoor office:

Here are a few more photos:




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