Israeli musical ‘Kazablan’ now on Amazon


Kazablan,” one of my favorite movies and childhood memories, is sort of an Israeli take on “West Side Story.”

I despaired for decades at finding a “Kazablan” DVD to own, but the movie recently popped up on Amazon and I pounced.

I highly recommend “Kazablan” (and I say this as one who isn’t all that crazy about musicals). The tunes stay with you and so do the characters.

“Kazablan” is a love story and an endearingly chaste one: Protagonist Kazablan and his love interest never even kiss.

Note that the DVD on Amazon is in Hebrew. An English-language variation exists; that is the version I remember, with bits of the song lyrics seared into my subconscious.

Yet, watching the non-English version now, I vastly prefer it. Check out “Respect” in Hebrew and English, and decide for yourselves.

Update: “Kazablan” director Menahem Golan, R.I.P.



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