As a Puerto Rican or “boricua” transplanted decades ago to St. Paul, Minn., I still spend Januaries and Februaries in a “Dear God, what I have done” state — except when I am snowboarding, which is a blast.

I do like it here, despite the cold months and the alarming absence of palm trees and pounding surf. My wife and I live in a fine house, in a great part of the city, with neighbors we have come to adore. When the weather is warm, we sit out on our front porch for hours, wave hello to friends passing by, and feel lucky, indeed.

Professionally, I’m a journalist. Always have been. As a schoolboy, I began writing for “La Flama,” the cute little student paper at my Colegio Espíritu Santo parochial school in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico, and I have never stopped being a newspaperman.

Today, I wear a variety of journalism hats.

My day job at the St. Paul Pioneer Press newspaper is a tasty gumbo of reporting and writing (often about tech) along with website minding, digital production and social-media management. I’m on the newsroom’s “online team” and I’m never, ever bored.

In my spare time, I’m a “contributing editor” (as in regular contributor with a masthead mention) at TidBITS, the venerable Apple-enthusiast site. It’s a dream job — and, yes, I treat it like a job, not a freelancing side hustle.

As an author, I have several books about consumer technology, business tech and mobile productivity under my belt.

My writing has appeared in a variety of print and online outlets, including The Magazine, Macworld.com, Mpls.St. Paul Magazine, MSP-C and the San Jose Mercury News.

I make occasional appearances on local and national television-news broadcasts, radio shows and tech podcasts. I speak with some regularity about journalism, technology and social media (and how the three intersect).

I am a nerd in the sci-fi-fan and tech-enthusiast definitions of the word. My passions include my hawt wife, bicycling, merengue music and brewing a perfect cup of café — Watch me rave below about my favorite coffee maker (warning: f-bombs):

Photo credit: Ben Garvin