My adventures with cleats & snowblowers

As a Puerto Rican in Minnesota, I have complicated feelings about winter.

I hate the never-ending cold, but I gamely do battle with King Boreas every day, and have moments of exhilaration — like when I am attacking snowdrifts with an electric snowblower.

In recent weeks, I have written a couple of times in the Pioneer Press about my trials with winter.

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Recapping a bicycling season for the ages

Last year, I bicycled like never before. I embarked on the greatest cycling adventures of my life, and went farther than I ever thought possible.

I pedaled 2,535.6 miles, compared to 2,287.8 miles in 2018, and 1,448.9 miles in 2019.

I had aspired to hit 3,000 miles, but my cycling season was cut short in September when I found myself fighting for my life.

Here are the year’s high points — and a low point that very nearly put me in my grave.

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My 10 best reads (and 2 re-reads) of 2019

I set a reading goal of 100 books last year, but only managed 88 — which isn’t bad!

Here are my 10 favorite new reads of 2019, in no particular order, and I threw in two re-reads. Click the covers to see the corresponding Goodreads pages.

(I’ve again set a 100-book goal for the year and here’s what I’ve read so far in 2020.)

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My friend Steve makes me a Mandalorian

My deepest thanks to my artistic pal Steve Borsch for yet again unleashing his digital skillz to insert me into a geeky scenario — the hit Disney+ series “The Mandalorian,” in this case — as the best kind of birthday gift.

This means a lot, my friend. I appreciate it.

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30 years later, still lost in those green eyes

As my petite date walked towards me, and I lost myself in her green eyes, I suspected I was in serious trouble.

We talked for hours, that first day at Cafe Latte, and I knew I was done for.

She was the fourth and last girl I would ever date, and the only one I’d ever kiss. Perfect.

We’d be married within nine months — and today is our 30th anniversary.

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