I talk tech gift giving on Joiner’s MacVoices

It’s the holiday season in Minnesota, so this tech-head naturally compiled a gift guide comprised entirely of products with strong Minnesota connections.

Soon after posting that article, Chuck Joiner had me on one of his MacVoices gift-picks episodes (with fellow Minnesotan Charles Edge), and I mentioned several of those Minnesota products.

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I talk porch piracy with WCCO’s John Hines


Package theft or “porch piracy” is a major problem, particularly during the holidays, as just-dropped-off parcels are snatched from doorsteps by thieves who often shadow delivery trucks.

I recently covered this sinister trend in a set of articles that was well received on TwinCities.com.

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I talk iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2 with Jason

I talked iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2 on Fox 9’s “The Jason Show” with Jason Matheson.

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A block party is therapeutic after tragedy

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My wife and I  always look forward to our St. Paul neighborhood’s block party on National Night Out in August — and never more so than this year after the heartbreaking shooting of St. Paulite Philando Castile during a police traffic stop.

Philando worked at the J.J. Hill Montessori school, which is less than a block from my house, and less than two blocks from the section of street where our block party is always staged.

Because of the shooting, our neighborhood is continually erupting in antipolice protests. As I write this, another demonstration is about to start at J.J. Hill. The governor’s mansion, a site of sometimes-violent protests, is just a few blocks away.

It has been a trying time, which made our party all the more important. It was therapeutic.

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I snag the Pioneer Press ‘news hero’ prize


This bizarre-looking trophy is the St. Paul Pioneer Press newsroom’s “News Hero” award.

It is awarded weekly to a news worker or workers — such as reporters or copy editors — for awesome journalism.

I hadn’t been anointed thusly until recently, when I jumped on the Pokémon Go craze and wrote a series of stories about it.

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