I appear on Minnov8, DeRusha programs


I recently appeared on a couple of shows hosted by folks I like and respect.

The illustrious Minnov8 Gang had me on their podcast (I’m a semi-regular) to talk Apple stuff and more.

And fellow social-media maven Jason DeRusha had me on WCCO radio to talk about how Google is a player in the broadband industry.

Thanks, all.

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Favorite video game? Asteroids, natch.

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 8.12.16 PM

I had a lovely lunch with Erica Hanna at Pizza Luce in downtown Minneapolis today, and then she let me have a few rounds on the Galaga machine at her nearby office.

That prompted her to pose the question above.

I am referring to the original 1980s Asteroids arcade game, into which I fed a fortune in quarters in the Mary Hall cafeteria at St. John’s University.

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Our neighbors invite us into their sukkah


Neighbors this week twice invited us into their sukkah for meals, and allowed us to be a part of their Jewish tradition.

We were awed and honored. Thank you, friends.

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I appear on a BusinessWire media panel

BzhTiuHCEAAKUmf jpg large

Public speaking is not a favorite activity of mine, not by a long shot, but when my friends at BusinessWire periodically ask me to appear on a media panel, I’m happy to oblige.

Today I was on one such panel alongside stellar journalists from MinnPost, Minnesota Public Radio, KARE11, Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal and the Star Tribune.

The panel was a way for public-relations operatives in attendance to understand the media better.

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My pal Mark does backyard films right

2006 Drive In

I noted recently how backyard movies became a big deal at my house this summer.

But I’m an amateur compared to my friend Mark Fawcett, who has been known to organize epic neighborhood-movie events.

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