Yes, Minnov8, I do want to hug my HDTV


I like my Google TV-powered Sony HDTV so much I sometimes want to hug it.

I said as much as a guest host on the Minnov8 Gang Podcast on Saturday. … and wise guy Steve Borsch came up with this artwork.

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I visit Kearney, Neb., with weird weather


I recently traveled to Kearney, Neb., to visit the University of Nebraska and give several talks at the Department of Communication there.

It was a meteorologically weird trip that began with summer-like weather and ended with cold and snow, but I had a nice time regardless.

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I hit a fashion show for gadgets not garb


First time for everything: I attended a fashion show today, and even got to sit in the front row with a fabulous view of the runway.

The show at the Verizon store at the Mall of America was not focused on stylish garb, however, but on tech gadgets.

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I point to my moments of press stupidity

Life Ball 2013
When I was a cub reporter a quarter century or so ago, I was assigned to cover a Michael Jackson concert at the old Met Center in Bloomington.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I entered the facility, where the Mall of America now stands, and saw the singer standing alone in a hallway. I got to speak with Michael Jackson!

“Um … ” my editor said when I told him about this later.

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