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Apple’s iPad Pro ad is, in a way, about me

Apple’s new TV spot about a roving girl and her iPad is one of my favorite Apple ads of all time — and I do not say this lightly since the company’s advertising has always been top-notch.

Initially, I couldn’t quite nail down why this spot so resonated with me, and then it hit me. That girl is me — and not just because she’s wearing nerd spectacles like mine, or rides her bicycle everywhere as I do with my bicycle. More …

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I talk Instagram on Joiner’s MacVoices

Instagram is a passion of mine. It is my favorite social network even though I’m sometimes more active on Facebook and Twitter.

Instagram’s simplicity — a grid of squares representing carefully curated pictures I want to share — appeals to me.

The service has lately added other bells and whistles, such as a “stories” feature for sharing ephemeral photos and videos in a Snapchat style, but my emphasis still is on the traditional photo posting. More …

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About all of my bizarre health problems …

I’ve been having all kinds of weird health issues lately.

About two months ago, I got whammied by severe fatigue, headaches, back pain and a weird, persistent watery sensation in the back of my throat — with a bit of fever thrown in.

About a month ago, I began experiencing severe discomfort in my lower abdomen, making it difficult for me to sit or otherwise bend at the waist without cussing. More …

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Thanks for the memories, Minnov8 Gang

As a tech journalist in recent years, I’d periodically serve as a guest host on the Minnesota-based Minnov8 Gang Podcast with regular hosts Steve Borsch, Tim Elliott, Graeme Thickins and Phil Wilson.

That was fun, but the best part came after the show.

Steve, who is a whiz with image-editing software, would often insert my likeness into hilarious graphics that echoed a topic on the day’s program or something memorable I uttered as the episode was being recorded. More …

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Grateful for friends this year; I am blessed

My parents made Christmas magical for my siblings and me, generously showering us during our Puerto Rico childhoods with thoughtful gifts, for which I’ll always be appreciative and grateful.

Sometime during my pre-teen period, though, I grew weary of the materialism and issued a good-natured edict to Mom and Dad: If you want to give me something for Christmas, make it a book, just one hardcover book, nothing more. More …

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I talk tech gift giving on Joiner’s MacVoices

It’s the holiday season in Minnesota, so this tech-head naturally compiled a gift guide comprised entirely of products with strong Minnesota connections.

Soon after posting that article, Chuck Joiner had me on one of his MacVoices gift-picks episodes (with fellow Minnesotan Charles Edge), and I mentioned several of those Minnesota products. More …

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