I meet amazing humans at a block party


I am a classic introvert, so I find socializing to be a bit alarming and exhausting.

I am glad a made the effort at a block party in my neighborhood for National Night Out yesterday, however. I was mildly petrified at the outset, as usual, but ended up having a blast.

My wife (who, unlike the hubby, is a social animal) and I met amazing folks.

We met people who have embarked on impressive humanitarian medical missions to the Middle East, my native South America and other farflung locales.

We met super geeks, including one who has worked for the likes of Microsoft, Linux-distro distributor Red Hat, and the like.

We met a man who told us all about his father’s fascinating life in technology, including a stint in the Central Intelligence Agency.

We met a man who does fantastic porch-renovation work, including one porch he recently did for neighborhood friends of ours. I have admired that porch for a while, and it’s nice to know who is responsible for it.

We met a woman who works as a fine artist and a photographer when she isn’t building her own computers from scratch.

We met the couple responsible for the Little Free Library closest to our house. We were happy to tell them we’re customers (or patrons?) of theirs, and thanked them for the good reading they have provided. Oh, and the wife is expecting triplets later this year.

We have remarkable neighbors and feel fortunate for that. The inner city has its problems but people power isn’t one of them.

I’m worn out this morning after yesterday’s marathon partying … but happy.

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