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WCCO-TV picks my brain about traffic apps

What’s the best traffic app for your phone? WCCO-TV’s Liz Collin posed that question to me.

Quick answer: Google Maps.

Longer answer: It’s complicated, but there are good options for various usage scenarios and device types. If you use an Apple Watch with your iPhone, for instance, Apple Maps is a no-brainer.

Liz interviewed me in my home office, with an Apple Macintosh 128K just over my right shoulder, and Speed Racer over my left shoulder. More …

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Milestone: I wrote my 100th TidBITS story

I recently marked a minor but memorable professional milestone: I wrote my 100th article for TidBITS, the venerable email newsletter and website focused on all things Apple.

I kind of stumbled into becoming a sometime TidBITS contributor in 2009. The role became formalized in 2015, when the editors added me to the masthead.

This is a big deal: A journalist with a passion for tech and especially Apple tech getting paid to write about it on a regular basis. More …

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Facebook friends brighten up my birthday

Friends of mine once again seized on the occasion of my birthday to get creative on Facebook.

Their handiwork (typically of a nerdy nature, since they know me so well) was among dozens and dozens of Facebook greetings from friends, acquaintances and professional colleagues, which made mi cumpleaños all the more awesome.

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Finally falling in love with the Apple Watch

Warming up to the Apple Watch took me a while.

When the first version of the smartwatch came out in 2015, I delighted in having an Apple-branded product on my wrist. When the novelty wore off, though, I realized the gizmo wasn’t useful to me in any life-changing way, and ended up leaving it on its desktop charger most of the time. More …

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My iPad as touchscreen Mac (kinda sorta)

Laptops with touch screens are pretty much the norm these days, with a prominent exception: Macintosh notebooks. Apple has stubbornly refrained from adding fingertip interaction to the displays on its MacBook-branded notebooks (while tryihg to accommode touch aficionados in other ways, like gargantuan trackpads and a controversial MacBook Pro Touch Bar.) So what’s a touch-y Mac user to do?
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