I turned my fixed desk into a sit-stand desk

I love sit-stand desks, those contraptions that can be raised and lowered so you can work on a computer in a sitting or a standing position.

Standing desks have been hailed on health grounds, though the science on this is a mixed bag, at best. Prolonged sitting isn’t good for you, but switching to a standing desk doesn’t appear based on current evidence to be miraculous wellness enhancer.

So why do I love standing desks?

As I recently wrote on Facebook:

I am ever in motion when I use a standing desk — stretching, flexing or doing little jigs at my workstation, and continually taking short walks around the office to keep myself revved up. That’s good for me.

I would do little of this if I were sitting down, and that’s bad for me.

Also, generally, I feel more engaged and energized while working in a standing position, so much so that I now sit only about 15 percent of the time because it makes me feel mentally and physically sluggish.

Bottom line: Standing desks are great for me, and quite possibly for you.

I mention all of this because I have recently been trying out an Ergotron sit-stand product called the WorkFit-TX Sit-Stand Desk Converter. This is not a full standing desk but a rig that sits atop a fixed desk to add the sit-stand functionality.

I reviewed the product for TidBITS.

Ergotron, which is just a few miles down the road from where I’m writing this, has a full line of standing desks and desk converters. I previously wrote about these here and here.

As I note in my most recent write-up, The WorkFit-TX is the finest converter-type standing desk I’ve tried so far. It isn’t cheap, but if your budget allows and you’re open to a standing-desk scenario, you should definitely check it out.

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