My iPad as touchscreen Mac (kinda sorta)

Laptops with touch screens are pretty much the norm these days, with a prominent exception: Macintosh notebooks. Apple has stubbornly refrained from adding fingertip interaction to the displays on its MacBook-branded notebooks (while tryihg to accommode touch aficionados in other ways, like gargantuan trackpads and a controversial MacBook Pro Touch Bar.) So what’s a touch-y Mac user to do? A company called Astro HQ goes part of the way to solving this problem by converting one of Apple’s touch-screen iPad tablets into a second Mac display. This happens courtesy of a cute little Luna Display dongle that plugs into a Mac and — via a wired or wireless connection — mirrors or extends the computer desktop onto an iPad to make the Mac interface touch-responsive.
As I note in a TidBITS review, this works pretty well. But, as I also note, Mac users shouldn’t assume they now have a touch-screen Mac. Well, they kinda sorta do, but it won’t always be a pleasant experience since the macOS operating system isn’t designed for touch. Macworld’s famously snarky Macalope has some fun with this.
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