The Halloween (and summer) of our lives


My wife and I just had the most memorable Halloween of our lives.

We’d never been to an adult Halloween party, ever, until this year … when we attended two of them on the same night.


We had so much fun getting our costumes ready:

This wasn’t the only Halloween fun we had this year.

My wife dusted off her long-dormant kid-party-organizing Jedi skillz (our son is 16, so it has been a while) to throw a Halloween megabash for the young daughters of friends and neighbors.



This year’s routine Halloween-night trick-or-treat-ing turned out to be memorable, too.

I have long regarded the ceremonial handing out of candy as a chore to be avoided, and left it to my wife, but this year I made an effort to be a good sport and keep my wife company on the front porch as little costumed visitors trooped up and down our steps.

This coffee-sipping and marital-bonding time proved magical despite the bitter cold.


We’re going to be talking about this Halloween for the rest of our lives.

And it follows the most memorable summer of our adult lives, when we hosted gathering after gathering in our giant back yard. Several of these were movie nights with a projector and huge screen, and bonfires figured prominently in our festivities.

This was a movie night and bonfire we organized for my son and all his friends:


This has been so unlike us.

We’ve never been the party-hosting types, but we are addicted now. We are already plotting about what kinds of gatherings we’ll organize next summer and fall.

Our neighbors have shown us an incredible amount of hospitality, too.

We’re having the time of our lives.

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