Good times in freelance tech journalism


I’ve had an awesome few weeks in freelance tech writing (which I do in my time off from my day-job tech writing).

First, I’ve been writing for TidBITS, the highly respected Apple-enthusiast site and e-mail newsletter, which is one of the longest-running Internet publications.

I’m a huge TidBITS fan, so being a contributor is a big honor. The editors are among the best in tech journalism, too, and working with them in Google Docs and Trello is a lot of fun.

I’ve been making the most of this TidBITS opportunity with an ongoing mobile-productivity series focused on, so far, the iPad Air, Chromebooks and Microsoft Surface PCs.

(All are related to my latest book, The Mobile Writer, a guide to the best hardware and software for mobile productivity.)

If this were all that happened, I’d be satisfied.

But one of my pieces, the Surface one, just got Boinged, to boot.

I think this is the first time I’ve been cited on the mega-popular Boing Boing site, and that made my day (heck, my week, my month).


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