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Just about everyone has used a computer to write. For more than a quarter century, users of Windows-based PCs and Apple Macintosh machines have fired up word processors to tap out letters, school papers, office reports, novels and so on.

Now, tablet computers and other ultramobile devices are being used for writing. Such gadgets, including Apple’s iPad tablets and comparable gear from Google and Microsoft, have emerged as the writing machines for the 21st century.

Figuring out how to harness such mobile devices for productivity isn’t always easy, however.

First, you have to decide which device to buy. Then, you have choose among a dizzying array of writing apps along with accessories, such as add-on keyboards. It can be complicated and confusing.

The Mobile Writer has the answers.

My new book is a tech-gear and how-to guide for those who want to get real writing done on mobile devices — efficiently, comfortably and enjoyably — but are confused about their many options.

The Mobile Writer has chapters on Apple’s iOS devices, Android hardware, Chromebooks and Windows-based hardware, including Microsoft’s Surface tablets. These chapters will help you figure out which device is right for you.

You’ll also learn about the finest writing apps and services, and about accessories (like wireless keyboards and keyboard cases) to use with your mobile device for productivity. In page after page of product reviews, The Mobile Writer you will zero in on the software and hardware you need for writing on the go.

I practiced what I preach in The Mobile Writer. I wrote the book almost entirely with the hardware and software tools featured in the volume.

The Mobile Writer profiles professional writers do most their work on mobile devices, and love it. Such writing pros include Harry McCracken, the Technologizer writer; Jeff Jarvis of BuzzMachine and This Week in Google fame; and Minimal Mac blogger Patrick Rhone (who also wrote the book’s foreword).

The book also peeks into the future to speculate about how mobile productivity might evolve in the years and decades to come.

How to buy The Mobile Writer

  • Kindle ebook: This format can be read on Amazon’s Kinde tablets and e-readers, or using or using Amazon’s apps for desktop computers, tablets and smartphones.
  • Paperback (via Lulu)
  • Apple iBook: Coming soon! This format can be read using Apple’s iBooks apps for the iPad, Macintosh, iPhone and iPod touch.

Praise for The Mobile Writer

Content creation is the bread and butter of most digital marketing and communications pros, but traveling and always being on the go makes it difficult to create. Now you can recover that lost productivity with this handy guide on mobile tech that’s also full of how-to advice from Julio Ojeda-Zapata. Learning what to buy and how to use it means having your cake and eating it too.
— Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Online Marketing 

“How to write on a mobile device would seem to be a straightforward decision. But what app do you buy or cloud service to use? Should you get an iPad, Android or Windows tablet? Could you use your smartphone for writing? The Mobile Writer will answer these and many other questions while also saving you HOURS of app and device research.”

 Steve Borsch, technology consultant

“Not too long ago, mobile writing required a laptop and a license of Microsoft Word. Today, however, writers have new tools like tablets, Chromebooks and even smartphones to create their content. Veteran technology journalist Julio Ojeda-Zapata takes a detailed look at all of these new options and recommends the best software and accessories for the mobile writer. Recommended reading for anyone looking for guidance on which device to buy for writing on the go.”

— Tim Elliott, marketer and web developer

“Road warriors, rejoice! Forget fumbling with that big, clunky laptop on the seat-back tray table. This book will show you how you could actually write some decent prose — maybe even a book — while you’re crammed into all those skimpy airline seats.”

— Graeme Thickins, tech blogger and marketer

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Announcing The Mobile Writer

This is the press release that went out when The Mobile Writer was announced:

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Nov. 25, 2013 — First Today Press is pleased to announce the release of The Mobile Writer by technology journalist Julio Ojeda-Zapata. The Mobile Writer is available starting today on A print edition will soon follow.

The Mobile Writer addresses two big questions: Whether writers can use mobile devices like Apple iPads and Android tablets to do get real writing done AND what apps and accessories can make writing on these devices easier. This book is for anyone—from professionals and college students to average consumers—who wants to write on mobile devices, but doesn’t how to do so easily and effectively.

Julio provides in-depth analyses of the latest mobile gadgetry from the perspective of writers and offers his real-world advice on how they can find the right devices for their needs. The book includes interviews with those who write for a living and explores how they harness mobile technology. Julio also provides a few of his thoughts on where mobile productivity might be headed.

“We’re very excited to release The Mobile Writer early this holiday season,” says Randy Murray, Publisher at First Today Press. “Julio answers ‘Yes!’ to the question, “Can you use a tablet to get real work done?” This book is filled with clear and indispensable advice for writers.”

With its emphasis on the latest mobile hardware and software, The Mobile Writer makes an excellent tech-gift guide for the holidays. It is filled with tested recommendations on keyboards, stands, cases, writing apps, and more.

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I shot these two videos of Minnesota author Patrick Rhone (mentioned above), who is astonishingly adept at tapping out long-form writing — from 1,000-word blog posts to a book-length manuscript — using nothing but his fingertips on his iPad and iPhone.