Twitter for Mac is no more; I try alternatives

As a Twitter power user, I’m in mourning because my favorite Mac-based software for accessing the popular social network will soon be no more.

That application, also called Twitter, is an elegant one-column construct that for years has permitted me to effortlessly and enjoyably access my various accounts. Now, though, Twitter is killing off the Mac app. That’s a shame.

With a sniff and perhaps a barely audible sob, I must move on.

For a TidBITS article, I kicked the tires on three Mac-based Twitter-app alternatives.

I’d been using one of these, Twitter’s own, turbo-charged TweetDeck, for some time.

TweetDeck is not a very Mac-y app, but the two others — Tweetbot and Twitterrific — are most definitely “Mac-native.” Both apps are fantastic — and one of these is now the default Twitter client on all my Macs.

Read my article to find out which one I picked (though the image at the top of this post will give the Mac-savvy among you a clue).

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