Pictures: Remembering Philando Castile


Philando Castile, the St. Paul man shot by a cop during a traffic stop, won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

I’ll be reminded of him every time I walk onto my porch, look to the left and see the J.J. Hill Montessori school where he worked, less than a block from my home.

All is quiet now in my ‘hood after many memorials and protests — including those in front of the governor’s mansion, which is just a few blocks away.

I am left with the many pictures I took during all the tumult. The three shown here are the ones that will stay with me the most.

The image above shows the many flowers left in front of the school in the days and weeks after the shooting.


This card, left amongst the flowers and other offerings, made a major impact in the Twin Cities and beyond.


This shot taken not long after the shooting is surreal given the circumstances. I was biking home from the supermarket when I spotted the rainbow. I then saw the news helicopter, which was hovering over J.J. Hill Montessori.

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