I made another of my periodic guest-host appearances on the Minnov8 Gang Podcast with Tim Elliott, Graeme Thickins, Phil Wilson and Steve Borsch … who, as per usual, are a bunch of weisenheimers.

Rumors of a Target mobile-payment system led to tongue-in-cheek speculation about “Ojezap Pay” featuring yours truly:

Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Walmart Pay, CurrentC (and more long-standing mobile payment platforms like PayPal & their apps) are all jockeying for position to become the mobile payments platform.

Now Target is reportedly working on its own mobile payments, too and we talked about it in our top Minnesota stories section. Then we thought, “Hey! What if the five us start Ojezap Pay?” since Julio Ojeda-Zapata is today’s guest-host and, with his huge net worth from all those lucrative ‘netcast’ appearances on TWiT, we figure he could cover any losses by writing a check.  😉

I love you guys.