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Instagram photos are online constructs that, usually, aren’t meant to be printed out.

Sometimes, though, you want to frame such square pictures, or to bestow prints upon others. A host of print-to-order services have cropped up for such occasions.

Most such services leave me underwhelmed, at least based on a scrutiny of their sites, but there’s one exception. It’s a service so compelling I felt duty-bound to use it post-haste.

It’s called Social Print Studio (formerly Printstagram).

I turned to Social Print Studio when I wanted to do something nice for three neighborhood couples who have been pillars of my inner-city community.

I had earlier posted on Instagram dozens of photos I took at social events each of these couples hosted. What better way to show my appreciation than printing out three batches of shots as elegant, stylish gifts for my friends?

Social Print Studio came through with flying colors.

For two of the couples, I tested the four-by-four-inch Squares option. For the third, I tried out the Minisquares option.

The three print bundles arrived elegantly tied up in ribbons and tucked into translucent protective envelopes.

And Social Print Studio went the extra mile, providing an order-status page that endures as a convenient way to batch-download my photos (and, of course, order more prints, if I so desire).

Social Print Studio has many other options, such as photo framing, photo books, metal prints, magnets, posters, greeting cards, business or contact cards, and more.

It doesn’t only do square photos, either.

I highly recommend this service.

Here, by the way, are the three picture batches I turned into printed gifts:


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