Wife and I have cameos in DeRusha Eats


When my wife and I popped into a SmashBurger joint the other day, we were surprised and excited to see WCCO-TV’s Jason DeRusha there filming one of his DeRusha Eats segments.

He and I appear to be in agreement: SmashBurger, with more than a dozen local outposts, and hundreds around the country, rocks.

Lately, it’s my family’s favorite place to grab a quick meal. SmashBurger burgers and fries are delicious and don’t do a number on my wife’s delicate tummy the way other burgers do.

Jason is great, by the way. He was nominated this year for a prestigious James Beard award.

He and I were among the first Twin Cities journalists to use social media aggressively in our work, and we’ve been on social-media panels together.

I’m quoted in a story about Jason, and I featured him in  my 2008 book about a rising online service called “Twitter.”

I shot these photos of Jason at work during his SmashBurger reporting.

And his cameraman captured fleeting images of my wife and me. Cool.



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