Laporte apologizes; no need!

I got annoyed with famed TWiT tech podcaster Leo Laporte last month when he talked about newspapers on Windows Weekly … and said he wondered if they still assembled pages manually, using paper and wax glue.

Was he serious?

I was sure he was (he sounded it), and I fired off an angry e-mail to him. It later dawned on me that Leo likely wouldn’t believe anything so preposterous given his ties to leading journalists like Jeff Jarvis (co-host of TWiT’s This Week in Google).

In fact, Leo confirmed by return e-mail that “we were mostly joking around.”

Even so, on the last episode of Windows Weekly, Leo graciously apologized to me and to the St. Paul Pioneer Press (the name of which he mangled). Play the relevant clip above.

He did not have to do this and I am flattered that he did. Leo is a class act.

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