‘Enough’ book becomes podcast

My friend, Patrick Rhone, a St. Paul-based technology consultant, has achieved Web-based superstardom for one of his side projects, the Minimal Mac blog.

The Apple-enthusiast site, spare in appearance, is dedicated to the idea that simplicity is power. The famed blog has spawned an equally popular podcast, co-hosted by England-based Myke Hurley, dubbed Enough.

Now “Enough” is also the title of Patrick’s new book, a petite white volume that begs to be picked up and perused because its physical design is so irresistible. (It’s available in e-book form, too; so is Patrick’s book, “Keeping It Straight.”)

“Enough” is a fine read for those trying to find balance – their center – in a complicated and cacophonous world. The book poses the question, “What is enough”?

“I’m convinced that a successful life is largely driven by balance and moderation,” Rhone writes. “Not too much of anything. Not too little either.

“Just enough.”

In a collection of essays Patrick tapped out with index fingers on an iPad screen and thumbs on an iPhone, he explains how he applies this philosophy in a wide range of life areas: Technology, relationships (online and offline), family (including wife Bethany and daughter Beatrix), business, personal productivity and more.

What belongs in his life? And what should be eradicated, permanently or temporarily? How and why? “Having clarity of purpose and intention helps me to eliminate needless items from my life and keep such things from entering in the first place,” Patrick writes.

My favorite essay, given my own obsession with practical technology considerations, is the one on that difficult-to-tame electronic beast known as e-mail.

Patrick reminds me that my inbox must be treated as a “sacred space” with only the worthiest of messages allowed to stay there, and that I should treat the inboxes of others as sacred, as well.

The essay segues elegantly into e-mail-management tips and tricks that are making a difference in my heavy electronic-mail usage.

Patrick describes other sacred spaces in his life, and how and why they remain so. He sets you on a path to identify and nurture your sacred spaces, too. For that reason alone, you will want to check out this book.

“Enough” is available in paperback, Kindle format for use with an Amazon e-book reader or app, and in EPUB format suitable for reading on computers and tablets. An Apple iBookstore version is coming soon.

Get details at enoughbook.com.

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